Friday, 2 March 2012

Jamie Oliver is in Korea.

I just heard Mr Oliver is in Seoul, some work with Korean Food Company CJ Foods. I am guessing he will taste all kind of Korean food and hope he will visit big market like Dongdaemun, and Fish market .

I sent a letter a while ago to Jami Oliver's PR company Edlelman, because I could not contact him in anyway.I was lucky to find out his PR Co. by accident. I told that one of his book, 30mintues Meal. has Kimchi Slaw, it was just using Chinese cabbage to make coleslaw. I said this can not be any type of Kimchi. If you like to use word, Kimchi, you have to make kimchi in Korean way, after all Kimchi is the most famous Korean dish!!. Well I offered the recipe or show him how to make but of course no reply from them. I do wish he learn and taste all kind of Kimchi while he is in Seoul.

I am sure when he comes back he will have a few new recipe with Korean twist
A good point is Korean food will be mentioned by Mr. Oliver in TV .

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  1. yes i heard he is there too ..and i saw a photo of him cooking with korean kids..i like him..i don't know why but i do!! i hope he introduces korean food to us too...i think it will overtake japanese food one day as it is so much more exciting..i guess the best restaurant serves japanese and korean side by of two wonderful worlds!!!
    btw...your kimchee is amazing!!
    i feel it is too precious to eat!!