Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sweet Rice Ball / 경단

This is very easy to make. this rice ball is light and fluffy unlike other traditional Korean rice cake.
 But traditional coating is time consuming, I made easier way to coating. This is good with afternoon tea or coffee, herbal tea, instead of cup cake or a slice of cake.

For the rice ball: Sticky rice powder( 450g). hot water. a pinch of sea salt.

For Coating; Ground almond. Cocoa powder. Cinnamon powder. Black sesame seed( toasted). Sugar.

Method: 1. In a large bowl put rice powder add boiled hot water slowly and pinch of salt
, mix with wooden spoon until like a sticky  dough . put dry rice powder on your hand and take out 1small dough( 2tesp) and roll on your palm to make small ball.
Leave on a dry rice powdered plate .
2. in a separate bowl put all the coating ingredients , mix with sugar as your taste and set aside.
3.Boil the water in a large pan and put rice ball and when balls are float on the top take out and put in the coating bowl , roll ,coat evenly .

I love black sesame coating.

Photo: Uncooked rice balls. Cooked rice ball with cinnamon punch 

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