Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My vist to Seoul & Jeju island Korea

Slow cooked pork in Jeju

Jeju beach with volcano stones

Dogani tang
Makguli ( rice wine)

Mung bean & kimci pancake

Changduk Palace

Changduk Palace

Pork &Squid Bossam

Stuffed squid

Seafood pancake

Grilled Silver fish in Jeju

Raw fish hoe in Jeju

Spicy belly pork stew in jeju

Pork stew with side dishes

My visit Seoul and Jeju island was mainly talking and eating Korean foods with family and friends, mainly with family. Foods were great as I remember, soft spring onion with seafood pancake, mung- bean pancake with makguli reminds me my youth .  When you bite spring onion pancake, soft and tenderness of spring onion was just so great, somehow  I could not get in here in here in England , looks same but so hard like almost woody.
Stuffed squid with seasoned rice , squid and belly pork stew cooked on the table was my new discovery, can not wait to try here, it will be my recipes, I am sure.
Walking around more understated Changduk palace under late Summer heat , admiring real Korean charm , talking with my elder sister, it was  a sheer joy.
Visit Jeju, I have not been to Jeju since 1968!  with 3 sisters and 2 sister in laws, we hired a car with driver/guide, I enjoyed family gathering but too many theme park around island, wish left as it was. well times are changing in every corner or Korea, even Jeju .
Loved Sea side in Jeju, still the same as I remember with black volcano stones.
Foods in Jeju were quite something, fresh fish, sea foods, black pig, sea vegetables and mountain veggies are all just delicious!
Found exceptionally good Korean BBQ in North Seoul, their slowly cooked Beef rib soup was best I had for a long time.

One thing bothered me greatly since my last visit in 2012, most of family does not make kimchi  at home even they have a helper in the house. 
A good kimchi ( like home made ) is available at posh food shop but sadly taste are all same. I was very happy to see my family is making kimchi at home still.

These home made kimchi will be rare thing soon I fear , desperately sad but it will be.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Visit to Seoul

Hi, all.

The Autumn is here it seemed. I am off to Seoul tomorrow ( 4th. Sept).
I will be spoiled by the choices what to eat in Korea, already my family asked me what would you like to have for my first supper on my arrival, 5th.
 I will have oyster, my favourite raw fish and blow fish stew in my home town ( south east) style ( non spicy but a little sour and plenty of Korean water cress/ parsley), yum!
I can not wait.

I probably eat oyster every day which I can afford in Korea not with champagne mind you, may be with Korean sake or makguli.

Hope when I am back from Korea I will write my food journey and photos.

Oh my Korean Thanks Giving Day ( Chuseok) celebration meal on 8th of September will be historical.
After service for the our ancestor,  all our clan, Chos will sit down ( more than 30) have this special meal. Of which I never be able to re-create in my house here, somehow its taste not good as in Korea.
I have not had Chuseok ceremonial meal since 1979, OMG! it will be a such emotional and  memorable meal, I can tell you!!

By the way my Cookery dates are 27th,Sept and 4th, 11th October.

Raw fishes with side dishes

Sea Vegetable

Fish market

Kungbok palace

Korean door ( window)