Thursday, 22 March 2012

Beef Bourguignon

Beef bourguignon is the one of best slow cooking dish, usually I cook with shin beef or braising steak, since Ox cheek is in the butcher section, I use this ox cheek meat now, i like the texture better than other, tight muscle tissue could hold together after 2 hours cooking. this is a economic dish at best, for £4 meat , it was more than enough for 2 of us.

Ox cheek 2, garlic 2, fresh thyme, baby onion 6,  carrot 2, celery stick 2, pepper, half bottle of red wine.

1, Cut ox cheek in half and trim, 2.Cut carrot as chunk, same as celery, take skin off baby onions,
3. In a big bowl, meat, vegetables and 2-3 branch of thyme, crushed garlic and add red wine, freshly ground pepper, put in the fridge over night.
4, Take out all the meat and vegetables, set aside, pour red wine from the bowl, boil first and simmer , continually skim on the top, reduce just less than half.
4. Dust meat with flour, heat oil in a frying pan and seal the meats, In oven proof stew pan, put reduced wine, meat veggies and pinch of chili freaks, add beef stock (5 cups) and season , add 1 bay leave, quick boil and put in the oven(120c) for 2 hours until meat is tender.
4. When dish is ready, cook chest mushroom and 5 shallot with butter, and cook 1tbs of thinly cut bacon or pancetta until crisp.
5. Add chopped parsley in the stew with cooked mushroom and shallot.
Serve with cooked bacon on the top.

I serve with boiled new potato but I ate with rice , this dish is very versatile, even you can eat kimchi and rice!!! 

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