Monday, 15 December 2014

Our family Christmas Count Down

Fresh cranberry with spices

My homemade cranberry sauce

Baked salmon with crispy skin 

My homemade cured salmon

My homemade spiced festive nuts
Now our Christmas foods count-down has started from late November, well, it is early but had to order free range goose  in late November.

Made my own cranberry sauce with port, cinnamon and clove all associate with Christmas. not too sweet. stored in the sterilized  jars to mature in time for the roast goose.

Cranberry sauce is a perfect match with cheese specially Stilton cheese, our family love with cheese. My homemade cranberry sauce  is tangy with festive spice and port , it will keep up to Christmas season 2015, I hope!

Made festive nuts, with egg white cumin, chilli , cinnamon. Perfect with wine .

My new recipe, baked half salmon was a success with family, baked with cooked onions and green chilli , olive oil, lemon, bake for 25-30 minutes 180c , and slide off skin, grill the skin, until skin is very crispy , cook streaky bacon . cut and put on the top . Serve with plain yogurt, lemon , dill sauce or just home made mayonnaise. delicious!

Tried cured salmon using Michael Caines recipe, it was rather salty to my taste, I will try less salt next time, but my family said it was Ok.
With a good rye bread, capers , lemon slice, wow, what can I say.
It will be our boxing day branch. I have to make  soon, nearer Christmas, 3 days before.