Sunday, 27 November 2011

Korean Restauarants guide 2012 in England / book launch.

 We were invited by Korean Food Foundation to the Book launch of the Korean Restaurants guide book in England , 2012. It was held in Tate Modern , along with my cookery students and dear friends from sugar craft.
looking at the St Paul through evening light was delightful, it was very nicely done with fabulous Korean finger food, all my guest were so impressed by all.
Restaurant guide book contains all kind of information and map, their famous dishes , photo of dishes look so tasty. Perhaps, reading this, you like to have a Korean Restaurants crawl for a month at least.

This event shows how my Country has come long way to the better and grand , shows Korean hospitality is the best in the world , I think.   My mum used to say whoever comes in our house they should not leave without food and drink!
Korean food is getting a lots of attention along with Korean movies and drama, specially to young 30 something generation, Kimchi is also getting popular among the English chefs, it took a long time but it was inevitable, such  complex taste of kimchi can be used many kind of cuisine, I think.

Watch this space, as soon as this guide book is available in London, I will let you know.

Trip to Seville.

We had 5 days mini break in Seville from 5th of November, I , my husband and son,John were celebrating my husband birthday early in Seville. Get up 4:30 AM to be in Gatwick was worst part to using Easy Jet to  Europe. Arrived in sunny Seville was a bonus. Apartment we rent was in the middle of old town, 10 minutes walk  from Cathedral. perfect position and stylish 2 bed room and more importantly, beautiful market is only a few steps from the flat.I have to tell you this new iconic market building. it is not only the market for fish, meat and all the veggies and fruits but also it is a tourist attraction. very modern and quirky , wavy building, surrounded by a big space . It just look like art gallery than the market, I was so happy to see all kind of seafood and fish , even I found small soft shell lobster  here, which I have seen only South east of Korea, Masan where I come from. I had to buy them and cook to show my husband and son. sweet and soft meat is tastier than big normal lobster but they seemed not impressed by messy eating! Well well,
I do envy Spanish having such a beautiful building as the food market, even you do not like cooking, just love to go in, and buy stuff and have a go , British Government should invest this kind of market in every small city or town, I think

 Iberico ham were hung on the ceiling not only in the shops also every bar, very expensive but melt in your mouth, we all loved it with cold glass of beer.
Drink culture in Spain is so enviable , all of bars have full of people with small glass of beer and tapas,they do drink little, eat little and talk a lot and carry on like this for whole evening but actually they do not drink a lot, just happy to chat and laugh and most of all they drink  with food/tapas, it is very healthy way of drinking, we visit a lots of bars, we never seen any drunkenness by youngsters or oldies , even some bars are just in front of church but all very civilised, sitting on the church steps, beer in hand and engaging in deep conversation, they just know how enjoy the life !!

Should we allow only  half pint to the young people and try to avoid a pint glass , in U K?, big is not better always, we should educate and promote less drink culture. That's only my opinion. or campaign for ,drink but eat some food like tapas or even chips!!!.

We stumbled in to the tiny bar, cooking Churo in the morning,and afternoon. oh,boy, it was so good, crunch but light batter with bitter chocolate sauce, the bar man shout like fish auctioneer, Chuuuuuuuro to the old guy who seemed frying only this chuuuuuuuuuuro for 100years!!!, it was perfect !!!

By the way in Seville has full of Seville orange trees,no other tree in sight, well how  appropriate!, we had fabulous meal at the, Veneria San Telmo, Basque cuisine in tapas style.

Photos; Market building from the street.
  Typical Bar(actually, Rick Stein firmed here)
  Fish Market.