Sunday, 11 March 2012

Art of Cake Decoration.

I have been invited to Cake Decoration Exhibition by Squires Kitchen for 3 years, it was so enjoyable and an eye opener for me. I've seen pretty cakes time to time in the shops and weddings but this Exhibition is totally different scale. As I am not a cake maker or not often eating cake , I did not know  cake decoration can be a big business . Looking at such beautifully made cakes, I can believe cake decorating academy is booming. I can see as modern weddings are getting bigger, wedding cakes are more like Art work and expensive. Some cakes are more like sculpture, so delicate, I do not know how they have courage to eat!!

This year`s most eye catching cake was, "Autumn Ginkgo Tree in the Park" made by Korean Cake artist, Mrs. Lee Jong Youl. It was so beautiful , choosing Autumn Ginkgo tree was a very clever choice, rather than green leaves this soft yellow makes more poetic to me. Lee had to bring all the individual leaves done in Korea and put all together here, spending all night doing so. Every single leaf was so different and realistic you can not believe it made by sugar, Amazing work !!
 I do admire her artistic design and her chosen colour gives you Oriental( Korean) Charm !! her Hat Box and Purse also so realistic !
No wonder her Academy in Seoul has so many students, even from Australia and USA. 

I loved her under stated colour and setting, not bright but strong sense of artistic merit, I feel like looking at a beautiful water colour painting and someone whispering a beautiful poem to my ear!!
I am looking forward to seeing Cake Exhibition next year and of course Mrs. Lee's new work !!!.
Photo: Mrs Lee and her Autumn Ginkgo tree.
  wedding cakes.  Mrs. Lee's Hat box and purse. Lee's 3 works.       

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