Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lunch at Galvin at WINDOWS, Hilton Park Lane

Scallops with cucumber and light soy sauce

kimchi resotto

Steak tar tare
Table setting at Gavin at WINDOWS
After I saw Chef. Won's risotto during the interview, I could  not resist to taste his kimchi risotto because I have been making this for years like to taste risotto made by proper Korean chef even I do make this as any other risotto.

It is first time I am at Galvin at WINDOWS, nice view of Hyde park. really very impressive room with well trained attentive staff, all had a good impression to me.
I have decided have just 2 course light lunch set menu for £28.

Starter was steak tar tare,  meat was neatly in the middle with thin toast on the top. but not the raw egg yoke was in the middle of tar tare but all pretty condiments were edge of plate.
Egg was cooked in water bath (60 degree) for 2 hours and yoke was deliciously soft and more like moose texture. it was first time I had tar tare served with cooked egg . I rather prefer this than raw, meat was tender and slightly tangy and season were just right. I think I had one of best tar tare .

The waiter brought me scallop dish which I did not order, the chef, Won's another complimentary dish for me (how nice of him) I already  his complimentary a glass of champagne.

Scallops was like Korean style ceviche, but seasoned with Korean seasoned soy sauce, dill oil and pickled cucumber  with caviar. it was light and delicious and pretty as a picture.

Finally my main. kimchi risotto, poached egg on the top . it was perfectly made , runny sauce with a little bite to it as risotto should be. poached egg makes creamy sauce which I would use in mine as well. I loved it, surprisingly quite a bit of crunch cabbage kimchi and  Parmesan cheese goes so well. I admit it is not a typical risotto but rather a good fusion dish.
I always make  with a good bacon, air dried streaky bacon ( cut 1cm) fried with onion and  in the end of cooking, I put crispy half bacon on the top with plenty of parmesan cheese.
Bacon and kimchi are good together because both can hold their own flavour.

Finally I had to have strong coffee to get rid of champagne in my head, chef Won appeared and we chat a bit about food again!!
It is £28 set menu but extra cost of water, coffee, service charge 12,5 %  on the top, in the end I paid £45.
Had a wonderful lunch but I won't be able to come often with this price but I would love to do again with family as a treat.