Saturday, 6 June 2015

Dishes from left over

Roast lamb with potato hash
Avocado, tomato salsa

Radish and mint salt

Grilled asparagus and roast chicken , potato hash

As a home cook I have to be creative making food for family because it can be repetitive to make usual dish all the time , not only for family but most importantly for my sake. Who likes same old recipes all the time with left over anyway?
 For Monday dinner , I have to wear a my creative hat, because I am using left lover from Sunday roast meat or any meat left over from Sunday . this week as my family visited us for10 days, I had lots of left over meats, roast leg of lam, roast chicken.
Curry made from cooked meats are never our favourite , for lamb, made lamb and potato hash with spicy avocado, tomato, red onion, salsa.
Needs nice not thin plat bread makes different. We all love this kind of  middle eastern style food,  big plates of food in the middle of table , sharing with all family , all very similar with Korean actually.

For chicken I made hash but add nice grilled thick English asparagus and baby red radish with mint salt as a starter with wine.
They look so pretty on the table as yet so simple, as we all know, the simple recipes are the best if the ingredients are good.
I love to using seasonal vegetables when they are in the shop, specially English asparagus , so flavoursome and fresh, you can not beat this.

Made chicken bone stock with mooli, onion, carrot, celery chilli, pepper and dried kelp and shitake mushroom, boil first and simmer for 40 minutes.
Stored in the freezer for later use like making barley risotto or any soup, I made kimchi udong for my lunch using chicken stock, I will try marinade soft egg next time for the kimchi udong it would make more authentic udong.
One whole chicken made us 3 meals, how economic is that!! and so satisfying!

Readers may wonder why I did not make stock with Lamb's bone, actually I find lamb stock is too strong to use soup or risotto, but I do use to make rich gravy  and freeze.


Kimchi udong
Barley risotto

Udong with soy marinated egg