Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stuffed Tofu with beef /두부졸임.

Since I applied to Oxford food Symposium , on Food and Cookery, wrapped & Stuffed, I have been thinking about wrapped & stuffed food in Korea, this is one of them from my family.
Tofu is versatile in Korean food, you can make soup, stew , or just raw with special sauce or simply wrap with baechu kimchi leave, but stuffed tofu is more a elegant dish, if you like as 3 course Korean meal, this can be a starter with green salad.

1 pack of tofu/ firm, 100g  minced beef, 5 of spring onion.
1tsp crashed garlic, 5 green chili, 1tbsp soy sauce, 2tsp sugar, vegetable oil. toasted sesame seed.
Cucumber skin(0,3 wide and 10cm long, with potato peeler), plain flour

1. wrap tofu with tea towel and put under heavy thing like chopping board , leave for 15 minutes to get rid of excess water. cut 1cm tick, 4cm by 2cm, dry again with kitchen paper.
1. heat oil on a frying pan and fry tofu until golden both side.
3. In a bowl put minced beef, chopped spring onion, garlic mix well by hand, season with salt and pepper and set aside. In a wide dish put 3tbsp flour and coat cooked tofu with flour ( one side only) and ready for stuffing.
4. Put 1 tsp beef mix on the flour coated side of tofu and ,put another tofu ( coated side) on the top and carefully wrap with cucumber skin and set side, repeat this .
5, chopped chili thinly and put in the pan , put stuffed tofu on the top, mix with soy sauce, 2 chopped garlic clovers and sugar add 3 tbsp water and pour in the pan. cook gently until stuffing is cooked, serve in a wide shallow dish and sprinkle wit sesame seed on the top.