Saturday, 28 May 2011

Spicy Roast Chicken

This is my new recipe as a Korean way to cook roast chicken using gochujang( Korean chilli paste). Marinated with soy , honey, gochujang. .
Serve with green salad, boiled new potatoes or  fried rice and kimchi.

Kimchi Rice

This recipe need slightly fermented kimchi. chopped cabbage kimch , diced onion,  and  smoked  bacon or chorizo sausage (chopped)fried in vegetable oil , add rice and stir well to coat all the flavour and cook in the rice cooker, put fried egg on the top.

Baked Salmon with shiso Pesto

Salmon is marinated over night in shiso pesto and lemon zest,
with soyabean paste. 
 Bake with bread crumbs and parmesan on the top.