Saturday, 18 June 2016

Tuna Cheviche with Mango and Avocado

Tuna cuts

Vegetables cuts .

Tuna and veggies mix

Tuna  300g
Avocado 1
Mango ½
Capers 2 tsp
Red onion 1 ,  Red chilli 1 .
Olive oil ( Extra V)   2tsp ( optional)
Lemon or Lime juice  1tbsp to 1.5tbsp mo,  Mustard ( Dijon) 3tsp
Mint leaves, toasted sesame ( black and white mix)
Cucumber  ( long and strait) 1
  1. Needs 70% ripe mango and avocado to cut cleanly. Cut 1 cm square ( squeeze lemon on the top ), chopped  onion  and  chilli ( deseeded) small as possible and set aside .
  2. Cut tuna fish 1,5cm square. Mix with chilli and onion and leave aside
  3. Make sauce:  in a bowl, mix with olive oil and mustard , 1tbsp lemon or lime juice , mix well, season with salt , sugar ( a little) and ground white pepper.
  4. Make cucumber ribbons with potato peeler, 2cm with and as long as cucumber’s full length
  5. 2-3 minutes before serve the dish assemble all ingredients and sauce  mix well, if you mix with lemon or lime juice longer than 2-3 minutes,   fish look grey and starting to cure. It has to be last thing to do before you serve.  
  6. In the white serving plate, put food ring in the middle of plate and put marinated fish and veggie  mix.  Press lightly and make nice round mould.
  7. Take off the ring and put cucumber ribbon like an open parcel.
  8. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and a few mint leave on the centre, serve with good Sourdough bread.
Hint:  This Ceviche (tartare) should be a little spicy not too spicy.

Final assembled dish