Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year all!! Hope all my readers had a wonderful Festive Season, I was busy with cooking and planning as usual. We had Roast turkey for the Christmas and Roast prime rib of beef for the New Year dinner. We all agreed to have roast Goose for Next Christmas. since 1980 we had turkey for the Christmas, now time for a change. i made most wise decision for this holiday festive cooking which was I made gravy 20th of December for all festive holiday meal. it was so convenient and free hassle on the day. I roasted chicken drum stick and wings with garlic( Whole), onion,carrot, celery stick, leek  and with a lots of red wine (3 glasses), my apple, chili and ginger jelly, it was dark, chocolate colour with smooth sweet taste, it was one of best gravy I've made, most of all I used for the Christmas and New year's big dinner. Knowing, gravy is in the fridge was so comforting during the cooking. I shall do it again and again.

Well, my home made cranberry sauce was a success as well, it was a good to have dried cranberry in the sauce which was my new experiment has paid off, not too sweet and tangy and texture from dried cranberry was very good, also with cheese,Stilton and Goat cheese.

I do enjoy all this once a year over the top kind of Festive cooking, family gets together and talking long hours with wine, candle light, indulging ourselves with drink, eating and a good talk, more ambitious menu plan so on, I do love it. Well until next Christmas ,now back to normal.

My Korean cookery and English cookery will be starting soon, from 14th of January.

Photo;  Baked sea Trout and Chili Prawn
Roast Turkey,
king scallops with Chorizo and Asparagus
Boozy pineapple and ice cream with ginger honey comb.