Friday, 16 March 2012

Korean Restaurant. Kimchee

I 've been hearing about Korean Restaurant, Kimchee  for 1 year now, even , they do queueing 2-3 hours so on. I decided to have a look and eat. it looks very modern and clean line from out side. equally very minimalistic, I liked 2 colour interior, black and dark grey, open kitchen, all very Wagamamaish.
I can see why students and young executive do like here, not very formal and more like cafe and also not too stereotype oriental. Korean eateries, one word ,it is something different!!

It 's past lunch hour, the place was nearly empty, I was guided to sit a long table against window, looking at unintresting street, I do not know why they did not ask me where I prefer to sit, after all it was empty, I rather sit in the middle. Anyway I was so tired to argue, so I sat and looking at the menu.
As I heard from one of my cookery student, all side dish has to be paid, kimchi, so on £2.50. Well, I am going to order "spicy cold buckwheat noodle/bibim nangmun" I do not need anything but one dish of kimchi would be a nice gesture. noodle came with veniger, meat was about a spoon of minced beef rather boiled beef , the portion was very small even for me. Pickled cucumber and white radish was not much but OK .  I know I can not compare with Seoul, but this is too minimal for my liking.
 Spicy sauce on the top was good. I think this kind of cafe style Korean Restaurant is very welcome but like Wagamama, at least when you go to Wagamama, feel plenty with a nice big plate and deep bowl, feeling eat hearty food , I admit Kimchee is more stylish .
After meal I got the bill ,I found 10% service charge were added, I was not very impressed by it at all. This is not a formal restaurant why they did not leave to customers to give tip or something.
I think London needs cheap and cheerful, simple Korean eatries, like in New York!!

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