Monday, 19 March 2012

Octopus Salad

I found one of big supermarket chain had  octopus the other day, they are from Cornwall ,surprisingly, I did not know, Shore of England has this beautiful seafood. We, all family love octopus, spicy stir frying or boiled until tender, dip in the sour spicy Korean sauce, or  grilled  but our favourite one is Italian style. Put in the octopus with 2 cups of  red wine, half onion( with skin), 2 cloves of garlic, 5 peppercorn, 1 carrot, 3 cups of water, bay leave, 1/2 of dry chili and boil, then simmer at least 45min.and then let it cool.
Slice octopus very thinly, 2 lemon juice and zest, thinly sliced shallot( 1tbsp), Thinly chopped red chili ( 1tsp), virgin olive oil, 1 tsp sugar, season with salt and pepper.
Marinate in the sauce( above) for 3 hours, add chopped parsley and serve with nice bread.

We all love the taste and slightly chewy texture.When we lived in Athens, whenever we visit  island, we enjoyed watching, men catching small octopus, when they caught, always beat octopus 40 times on the rock to tenderise. It was a such funny sight, dangling octopus by hand. I wish i took the photo!!!
I am very happy to see octopus in supermarket here now, about time , English should try this,why waste or export to Spain like other good seafood!!! It was quite cheap, about £4 for one,
 This may continue!!!   


  1. What is the name of that dish?

    1. The Asian/Koren/Chinese/I-don't-kow-the-origin name?

    2. This is as I said Octopus Salad, Italian origin and I put my idea on it. you can see at italian eatery in south of Italy, In Greece they do like have BBQ Octopus but I love Italian style salad.