Thursday, 22 August 2013

Korean Cookery in September

Beef Bulgogi stuffed with shiso leave/
August month is my Korean cookery free month, but I made an exception to do one cookery for very keen sisters from Glasgow.
Since I and family stay put at home in August, it was rather pleasurable to do cookery.
Class menu was, 1.Seafood pancake, 2. Stone bowl bibimbab and 3. Kimchi stew. Kimchi stew is not go well the others but they love kimchi so much and asked to specially.

Made kimchies, today  1, white radish ( kakkakdugi), 2. cabbage kimchi ( baechu kimchi) .  3. Radish water kimchi ( Dongchimi)

Baechu kimchi needs at least a whole day to make, salting ( brine) needs at least 3-4 hours, make stuffing and  finally making kimchi . It is a time consuming process, can not  be rushed .
Using good sea salt is very important to brine, never use fine ,cheap table salt, always Sea Salt!!

My September Saturday Korean Cookery Dates are :  14th, 21st, 28th.

By the way I am looking for the venue in London to do kimchi talk and workshop, tell you about many kind of kimchi and  recipes , how can use kimchi to do other dishes so on.  If you have a place do let me know. 

Baby radish kimchi
Radish kimchi ( kakkdugi)
Stone bowl bibimbab

Cabbage kimchi ( baechu kimchi)

Kimchi stew


Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Beatles, Cavern , Chagall . Fish & Chips at Liverpool

You, readers might think this blog is a very odd combination.
 Since we moved to England, I meant to visit Beatles City, Liverpool but never had a chance , finally I had an excuse to visit, the Beatles, city, Liverpool , Chagall  exhibition is on at the Tate , Liverpool.
I and Cristina arrived station about midday, walk down to Albert Dock, It was much better than I expected I knew ,city council made  promenade with strong looking red brick buildings are nicely arranged around old harbour.
Get into the Tate Modern, Chagall exhibition hall, it is much bigger than I thought. familiar soft pastel colour painting with childish dreamy subject , they were so wonderful.
A lots of paintings are I have not seen, his homeland in Russia paintings were very dark , emotionally . I am glad I made this journey.

After seeing exhibition, we were walking around promenade and decided have Fish & Chips for lunch, it seemed so fit in, being in North of England, it was surprisingly good, not best but was good. crispy batter with white cod and chips ( too much chips) and mashed peas, well I felt they are  just right to have in the northern city . it was very good indeed, I think as non expensive cafĂ©, batter was very nicely done, thin and crispy.

Now, Looking for Cavern, The Beatles hub. since I discovered the Beatles in my young age in Korea through my tiny radio, I was hooked, as it happens, I was one of the very first team , work with EMI & WEA licence holder Korean Record company ( OASIS) in early 1970. We were rare species in the man's business world in Korea then ( we were the first women only managers), sold a lots of Beatles, Eagles albums. Who wouldn't or couldn't?
We were the  new frontier to setting a trend of world music in Korea , have to choose album. song to promote in Korean Market, Good old days!

Paid £2 entrance fee and get into the dark space , finally Fab Four Drum set was on the stage but not the Beatles song , Pink Floyd numbers loudly came out, why not Yesterday, Hey Jude or any ?
Finally my beloved a few the Beatles songs were sang, not good (singing) but it was memorable by sitting in the dark, smelly Cavern, rather enjoyed thinking of our days of young and carefree.
Can not help thinking, if John Lennon is here now.
Here ,this unremarkable dinge dark basement made a history of Pop Music, how cool is it?

We had a good day out in Liverpool, Chagall. The Beatles and even Fish & chips!!

Albert dock, Liverpool