Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Korean Cookery to the Korean Language Students

Suddenly I was invited to do Korean cookery demonstration to the 30 Korean language students from Korean Culture Centre in U K, but I did not know what to expect but concern me the place, this event will be held. KCC Uk rent Korean Restaurant in Leicester Square for 2 hours. they  will provide all the ingredients I need.
I was worried how 30 students fit in and cook, but needn't, Every table has a portable gas burner .
It was a part of KCC U K 's Korean Culture awareness project, called K-Pop academy.
Making Rice roll in Laver (Gimbab), and Rice cake in spice sauce( Tteokboggi) which are student's favourite in Korea. When I arrived at restaurant, Dong San, it is rather a big project than I imagined,
Most of all 60 bright  young eyes are staring at me, it was scary.
Fortunately I was warmed by their intention to learn Korean food, most of all it was obvious they are all crazy about Korean Culture,food, language , history and pop music. They all love Korean boy band!!!
Well, well, now all young students are ready for my instruction, all 60 eyes on me!!! I did not have so many audience since I was in Seoul, promoting songs like Eagles, Queen, but it was 35 years ago and I was young and naive!!
I was be able to settle and start talking and cooking , some of them moved near me and listen so intently, I feel so moved by it. I realised they really love Korean food and love to learn , not because it's free. Seeing this , it was so comforting. Well, through this Young students, Korean culture will be well known in Britain , most importantly the momentum has started

All group made food lovingly but unfortunately I had to pick the winner, It was not comfortable position in, but It was a great experience ! I feel much better knowing Korean food is getting popular.As I am writing Korean Food and running Korean Cookery.

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