Sunday, 18 May 2014

My other Korean fried chicken wings with spicy sauce

Fried chicken wings ( with no batter)

Fried chicken wings with spicy sauce and courgette
I was not very happy with last week's twice fried Korean chicken wings because its batter, now I tried with no batter, they are much better for me.
They are moist and crunch out side, much lighter meal than coated with batter.

Soaked in Butter milk for overnight , washed off, dry.
I steamed in Chinese bamboo basket for 10 minutes until they are cooked, and leave them to cool.

Dust with seasoned flour and shake off, fry in the hot rape-seed oil until brown.

Drain on the kitchen paper, fry sliced courgette ( dusted in the flour) and pour the Korean gochujang sauce on the wings, sprinkle toasted sesame seed and serve.

We all loved this my new recipe than usual Korean fried chicken recipe.

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