Wednesday, 14 May 2014

English Asparagus

Asparagus with garlic mayonnaise

Garlic & mustard mayonnaise

                     Asparagus with poached egg

I know when  the English Spring is here when I see green asparagus are in the shop.
We love, love asparagus in season, expensive but we try to eat as many as possible at the season, 3 times a week.

I an not keen on white asparagus, looks not attractive or appetising for me.

We like to have as a starter with poached egg , or just steamed with garlic mayonnaise,  looks so pretty and like a restaurant dish.

We prefer  garlic mayonnaise than hollandaise sauce, of course I always make  at home every time, you can not compare and so easy in the food processor.
Even we do love dip in the boiled egg like soldier , in the morning.
For 5-6 weeks  I do spoil my family with this  tasty green treats.
I prefer  lightly shallow fried on the pan with good olive oil and poached egg on the top, cut uncooked asparagus , thinly sliced and put on the top.
It gives another texture and look very professional.

I do not make asparagus soup or pie ( tart) and never will, I think just asparagus gives you best flavour and too expensive to muddle with other strong flavours.
Just enjoy this unique flavour for the season !!
Hope readers do try at home.

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