Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Twice fried Korean Chicken Wing & Spicy Sauce

Cooking spicy gochujang sauce

Fried Chicken wing

Gochujang Sauce
These days Londoners can not get enough Korean foods it seems. a lots of media covering Korean food .
But some of Korean recipes are I could not recognise as a Korean food, this is very annoying for me.

This is our beer loving my husband, Neil and my son, John's favourite week end treat. Spicy gochujang ( Korean chilli paste) sauce is better than any other , I think.

This s another our favourite finger food .

Brine 15% solution ( 15g salt, 1 Lt  water, few peppercorn, 1 garlic, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 dry chilli) and leave overnight in the fridge, rinse and dry in the fried.
Making batter: 1 cup plan flour, 1 tbsp corn flour water , mix like English pan cake mixture, not too thick , keep in the fridge until needed.

Making Sauce:  gochujang( 3tbsp), dark soy ( 2tbsp),  honey ( 1.5 tbsp.), rice vinegar ( 1.5 tbsp),
grated garlic ( 2tsp) , grated ginger ( 1tsp), sesame oil ( 2tsp)

Mix well in a pan and slowly boil , simmer another 10 minutes. add honey if you needed t.

Heat rape seed oil and dip chicken wings in the batter fry ( 7 -8 minutes) and drain on the paper .
Before you eat, deep fry again ( 3 minutes) and  put on the paper to get rid of excess oil.

Pour sauce on the wing and sprinkle sesame seed and serve with beer and cucumber salad and extra sauce .

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