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London Wine Fair 2014 , June 2-4

Wine tasting

Lecture on wine tasting

SP Wines & Foods

SP Wines & Foods from Spain

Kingcatch Sicilian white

Ice Wines , France

This year London Wine Fair was held in Olympia, London and smaller than last year which was easier for me to get around.
I am a not a wine expert but I am trying to find not well known wines to match my Korean Food to recommend my cookery members.

Well known wines easy to find at any shops but discovering reasonably priced good wines is my aim . I love  good dry white, rich full bodied red and champagne, but these are easy to buy if you can afford.

Iced wine was interesting . it was French sparkling chardonnay, drink with ice in the glass, it was very light and good for the social drink, I think.
I bet they are popular with city professionals, specially high flying 30 something ladies.

Attending wine lecture on tasting was very educational ,  know now,  how the colour of red is different with ageing.  if you like to be a wine buff, you need attend wine class at least 6 month I guess.

I found a few small independent winery corner in the back of big boys. They are all very friendly and eager to talk about their wine to me. mostly, Italian and Spanish.
I like to drink with food always, it seemed Italian, Spanish are same. It is much healthy way of drinking habit. they all offer foods, like olive, dips with bread, and Spanish ham.
I was glad by this offer as I can not drink or just tasting without some small snacks.

SP WINES & FOODS' wines come from Spain, Catalunya region, and some are small organic producers. I had tasted their organic, RESSO 2012, both red and white  are very good.
Light and dry white is very Summery drink. Red one is not too heavy or rich, they will be good for the fresh Korean Food.
Semi dry cava was good too.

SP sells Serrano ham as well. Ham was not salty just melting in your mouth. Thinking to visit their UK shop in Sussex when I have Pop Up Korean tapas evening.

KNGCATCH , Sicilian wine maker gave me their star white, chardonnay, Sinele. It was very delicious. I liked it a lot. Their Red also very good, nice to have with a good steak.
Worth to remember this company, they do not have agent here, can order on line, foods as well.

I went to Andalucian wine maker's talk and tasting their wine.
Company called, TERRA HERMOSA ( vinos de andalucia), their new white, Tres Pueblos was so delicious.
With hint of elder flower, fruity, and not too strong just linger in your mouth long beautifully.
Thinking with this wine, Summer grass smell, fresh crab salad with asparagus and Korean Meal, loved it. Available in Uk through Moreno Wines ( http://www.


1. SP (DPH) EXPORTS LTD  ( www.spwinesandfoods)



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