Monday, 5 May 2014

5 course tasting menu dinner at Vineyard.

Wine bar

Wine cellar

Lobster slice and lobster ball


Sea bass

Cod with clear tomato sauce

Oxtail & fillet of beef

Grilled pineapple

Cheese plate
    My husband , Neil and I had a night break at Vineyard in Berkshire. It was  last Christmas  gift from our children, John & Catherine, as I could not do anything with my broken arm, for sometime, now we finally manage to go .

5 course tasting menu with matching wine were included. We were informed that Vineyard is famous for the food and wine (specially).

When we arrived at the hotel, the huge wine cellar caught my eyes and close to look, it had glass floor , it was so impressive specially you could be able to see basement cellar through the glass floor, one of best wine collection in the country , I heard.
I do not know much about wine, even I enjoy drinking , looking at this more than 3,000 wine collection, I was very impressed.

Hotel porter recognised our sir name, Sarsfield and so happy meet my husband, he is an Irish and come from Limerick,  where the Sarsfield name is regarded as a hero,  General Patrick Sarsfield was fought for the country. Kind of nations' saviour.
Even he did not take tip from us saying it was the greatest honour to meet  and shake hand with the Sarsfield, how wonderful!.

Room was tastefully furnished with lower level of a small sitting room , looking at a little court yard.
All very tasteful mostly white, having be able to make nice coffee from the machine was a nice touch.

Decided have a drink before the dinner, went down the wine bar, very spacious, clean , smart deco.
We even spotted celebrity in the corner, Dame Maggie Smith was having a meal and we saw the head chef , Daniel Galmiche. A good news he is cooking tonight  but so quiet , and no atmosphere as a bar.

A waitress suggested, we move to dinning room cocktail lounge, it was much cosier and comfy look.
I have to mention about art collection here, every corridor space is covered with paintings . It is a pleasure to know the owner do appreciate the art, it is just like a gallery here.
 I loved some modern paintings.

Finally we sat at the table, the menu looked so good, every course has 3-5 choices, and even we can choose any 4 courses with dessert.(must have 1 dessert ) , I think this is an excellent idea .
We decided have, 1 starter, 2 fish courses, 1 main and I dessert for me, cheese for Neil.

Thinly sliced lobster and fried lobster ball was melting in my mouth but sliced lobster is too thin to appreciate for me, but fried ball has full flavour and crunch texture was good indeed.

Grilled scallops were heaven, perfectly cooked, crunch bread crumbs on the top were a
Conference room foyer

Reception area skyline
 so good idea, I definitely steal this idea when I cook scallops at home.
My sea-bass was soft and tasty but I would prefer having crunch skin rather than soft skin. Neil's cod with clear tomato sauce was so delicious, with squid ink twirl gives you another taste and texture and looks good on the plate with contrasting colour.

Main course beef was a star menu for me. slowly cooked oxtail meat with medium rare fillet steak was one of best beef dish I've had, two totally different cuts of beef surrounded by greens and silver onion was just right. portion as a tasting menu is very generous.
The red wine due was so good, this kind of sauce, red wine deduction  is nearly impossible to create at home I find.

Dessert was just good as it said, not too sweet, as a Korean  I am not too excited about dessert, I prefer just fresh fruits or a good bitter chocolate with strong coffee is fine for me.
But I love cheese, blue cheese with wine can not beat in the end of meal.

After this very satisfied meal I might buy head chef's cook book , French Brasserie  Cookbook.

As wine, I can not say anything, we were given all different wine with each courses, but I would not know they were perfect match, I just trusted there were.
But I have to confess , I had terrible headache in the morning, because I had 3 different wine with our meal, after all I am not a wine buff.

If you are the wine lover, you need spend at least 3 night here to appreciate their wine collection.

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