Monday, 28 April 2014

Spanish black rice ( arrizo negro)

Black rice with squid 

Black rice
Ever since I tried Spanish black rice at Iberica, the Spanish tapas bar & restaurant in London, I just fell in love with this ocean soaked black rice, it was just like big sea and rice were in my mouth. I loved it , salty sea taste with soft squid pieces, brown shrimps, mixed with this black rice, What can I say!
It was one of the most delicious and pleasurable things I had. I had to try this at home.
Finding recipe was easy , but squid ink? found in Amazon !  but it feel odd buying from Amazon, I was gong to buy Italian or Spanish speciality shop in London.

Anyway when  I was at Selfridge, Food Hall, asked fish monger,  I was pleasantly surprised  they sell those, tiny 2packs for £3,

1 finely chopped onion
2 M size tomato, skinned, deseeded and chopped
1 cup Spanish rice
3 cups of good clam or  fish stock
2-3 packs of Squid ink
Extra V olive oil
1 Squid, cleaned, skinned and cut 2cm long, 1cm wide.
5-6 prawns, shell off and devein by slit on the back, take out black vein. or1tbsp of brown shrimps

In a wide pan heat 1 tbsp olive oil and put squid pieces cook for 2mintues and put in the plate, reserve squid's juice  in the pan, add onion and cook, add chopped tomato, when they are cooked add another 1 tbsp oil and pour rice stir well to coat oil on the rice. Add stock in to the pan boil for 5minutes and lower the heat to rice to cook,
When rice is cooked put squid ink and stir well until they are well coat and gently cook another a few minutes, add cooked squid, prawns , season with salt and pepper .
I put lemon zest and chopped parsley before serving.
Key is having a good stock to have taste of sea.

I like to be really black like in Iberica and glossy, add a few drops of extra V oil and serve with good green salad.

We had as a main course but it would be good as a starter.

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