Friday, 20 June 2014

BBQ Lamb & Chicken for the Summer weekend

Butterflied & marinated lamb
Baked beetroots


Chicken thigh

BBQ ( Grilled)lamb
Lamb and new potatoes
We have decided to celebrate Father's Day at home with BBQ lamb and chicken, asparagus, baked beetroots, new potatoes. My son provided excellent Italian Red, ( our favourite) wine, Amarone.

One of my favourite Iranian spice is Sumac, it has tangy , hint of  lemon flavour goes well with lamb, chicken and even fish.
Whenever I go to middle Eastern or Turkish shop, buy 2-3 bags and store in freezer.
This is good for Summer BBQ meat , even grilled aubergine or courgette, just sprinkle with salt & pepper.

Leg of lamb ( half leg)

Butterfly the meat and leave bone in,
Marinating :
Sumac ( 1tbsp), smoked paprika ( 1tbsp) black pepper ( 1tbsp). grated ginger ( 1tbsp), chopped rosemary ( 2 tbsp), olive oil ( 3tbsp), 1 zest of lemon, salt

Mix well and rub on the lamb leave in the fridge over night .
Take out from the fridge 1 hour before cooking and put on the roasting tin cover with silver foil
roast in the oven for 1 hour with low temperature. ( 110c)
Take out and grilled on the charcoal fire, rest for 20 minutes . Squeeze lemon on the meat before cut.
It was such nice pink ( M.rare) and moist.

Same way marinade chicken thigh  , skinned and boned ( 12 pieces) and cook slowly on the fire
we had new potatoes and sweet baked beetroots and lightly grilled asparagus.

Wow, they were delicious it was a change from our usual  spicy Korean chilli paste marinaded chicken thigh which my family loves.

We all washed down with Amarone,  Lovely.
Certainly as my husband, Neil said, had a fantastic father's day meal.


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