Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Why British girls are the fattest in Europe, Too many Foodies not enough home Cook

 Whenever I read British are the fattest in Europe I am so sad, this time our girls are fattiest in Europe, it is a tragic!!
Surely all nation knows what is the healthy food by now,
I thought most of population are interested in food, you just can not avoid, paper, magazine, TV even leaflets from supermarkets!

 But I am guessing not a lots of home does not cook at home, this is the biggest problem, too much ready made meal and fast food are around in society.  Too busy to cook? I hear ? but does not need hours to cook just half an hour a day will do.
Even mighty Jami Oliver's 30mintues, even 15minutes meal TV program seemed not be able persuade people to cook at home.

Perhaps U K have too much Cookery program in TV, a lots of people have TV dinner on the lap watching chef's creation, may think all look so complicated and too expensive for the ordinary  low income family.

I truly think Cooking skill is most important life skill you could have. Needs all your life anyway even you are rich, poor it does not matter.

If I am the Minister of Health and  the Minister Education, what  I
would like to do.
1.Promote cooking at school, from age of 7
2. Just make them cook, eat together at the table, learn how to share and how enjoyable eating together with conversation.
3. Never make judgement or mark, competition, whatever they are cooking  , they will know what is good or tasty food, learn like at home.

4.Learn how to cook basics.

*5 different egg dishes ( boiled, fried, scrambled, poached,
*Full English breakfast
* 3 pasta dishes
*3 different salad dressing
*Basic mayonnaise
*Sunday roast ( Chicken)
* 3 different potato dishes ( mashed, fried, roast)
* How to cook vegetables
*Basic curry
* How to cook rice
* Fried rice with vegetables
* Basic meat stew or vegetables stew
* Basic meat pie( chicken or beef)
* Cottage & shepherd pie.
* Cornish pie and basic  pasty

5. when they learn these basic cooking by 14 years age, they can learn what is the value of cooking and nutrition , healthy food.
By the time they know how to cook, they will know about what is good food themselves. As so many teen magazine covering about food and perhaps too much food article on it,

I just wonder why in Britain has many middle class foodies not enough home cooking family.
I may be a middle class foodie,  but I always cook at home, never get take away, ready meal in my house, this is not a rule, just happened.

We do eat dinner at the table as a family whoever  at home, and always have a family Sunday Roast.
We do have  special meal at restaurant, always good, fairy pricey with excellent cooking by well known chefs. Only 10 times a year, like birthdays, anniversary, make it really super special.

Drinking is a big problem  here not only teens as a nation I think.
1.Should promote more healthy way of drinking rather than  try to price up, this is short term resolution, needs long term solution.
2. Should encourage teach how to drink at home and parent should teach their children, as everything in life, start at home.
3. We have to change  the way drinking habit, always drink with foods like Spanish tapas are most excellent way.
4. Teach low income  family how to eat properly and most of all how to cook with low budget. this does not means not tasty or bad, it can be a delicious meal, depend on how to cook .

I 'd like to tell all politicians do educate from home, if parents are not up to it, teach them first , not to the school first, it is already late then.
Education has to start from Home!!!!

Another thing has to aware, low cost ready meal is not only unhealthy but most importantly also
more EXPENSIVE than home cooked meal.

PHOTOS: all our home made Korean & Western dishes made by me.

Grilled salmon, pepper and pasta

Korean seafood pancake

Stuffed pepper with rice

Asparagus with poached egg
Pan fried cod with egg& parceley sauce

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