Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bo Ssam and Bibmbab at Robinson college, Cambridge University

Bo Ssam Plate

Instant Kimchi
Dr Shin
Mooli  Salad
Home Made Ssamjang
Bo Ssam
Chef, Jason

Chef , Sam and me

2 ways slow cooked pork, Bossam

Chefs are preparing Bo Ssam


Dr Mike Shin informed me  last December ,having  another  Robinson College Korean Food Event and they had a slot for the Event on 5th of March. But since then I had broke my right arm on boxing day.
Naturally I was worried about the Event , not knowing my recovery but I thought, I am not the one chopping or slicing the ingredients,  I know that all college chefs will help me out so nicely in my past experience,   I 've decided to go ahead.
After all I have been a left hand cook for 2 month now. Had cookery on early February, it was fine.
Dr  Shin liked to introduce Bo Ssam so we set menu for the Event.
Starter: 2 way slow cooked pork Bo Ssam with Kimchi stuffing, Ssamjang with lettuce.( For vegetarian: 2 ways tofu )
Main: Bibimbab. Miso and tofu soup with Instant kimchi, Mooli salad ( Vegetarian: without beef topping)
Dessert: lemon tart with cream
BO Ssam is very popular dish in UK and USA because of famous NY chef, David Jang.
His restaurant, SSAM BAR serve not traditional recipe but a kind of  western way, slow roasted shoulder pork with Ssamjang, lettuce and Kimchi sauce rather than slowly boiled belly pork with Korean wine, spices .
It is served with oyster, a kind of  Surf and Turf dish .  It can be just wrapped meat and sauce since oyster is expensive here.
We've decided to serve 2 ways slow cooked pork .( roasted and boiled)
I was informed 100 guest are dining, I was not expected so many. Cooking for 100 !!
But I was quietly confident, I know my right hand ( literary)chef, Sam is not only a hard worker also he love to learm these new Korean recipes. .
Left home 8:00 am without breakfast on the day ( 5th) , arrived 10:00 am , Chef, Sam is already cut the all vegetables for Bibimbab, and cooked belly pork.  2 huge shoulder pork were scored and ready to be in oven.
We cooked in the oven 6 hours, it was so beautifully cooked, perfect crispy skin and tender meat.
Shame! I did not take a photo, so busy !
Sam and I worked all day without break ( I had lunch break with Dr Shin), we were on time  for 6:30 pm sitting
Rice , 5 different vegetables, beef , egg for bibimbam, Made 100 portion of hot sauce for bibimbab from scarch.
 home made Ssamjang, Mooli salad, Soup.
12 cabbage instant kimchi  were made. It worried me greatly, looks not enough for 100, I know how they all love kimchi. 
2 ways slow cooked pork Bo Ssam was a great success and Bibimbab..
If I did not have help from college chefs and staff, I could not have done the Event.
All guest seemed enjoying Bo Ssam experience for a change. All has gone!!!.
Wow, it was a big event,    Dr Shin and  me, college chef, Sam pulled off successfully.
Not a bad effort  for a temporary left cook , helped by kitchen staff and chef, Sam.
Hope I gave some kind of justice to Dr shin, trusting me even he knew I am not a trained chef.

After the event I joined with my husband Neil, at Red Brick Bar, he was watching England, Denmark Football.
Had well earned a glass of cold white wine, listening, out of tuned student's Karaoke in the back of bar and I could relax finally. All day I carried myself with nervous energy with this grey sling in my right arm.

What a day !


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