Thursday, 20 March 2014

Veggie Monday and Fish Friday

We had been eating fish supper for ages not for any special reason, just found fresh fish on Fridays at the fish counter and fish mongers.
Winter, I usually cook Fish and chips with mashed peas, cod or haddock, or grilled salmon, any fresh fish I can buy.
Now I have stared veggie Monday supper from February, I do cook at least 3 different dishes make more interesting.
All family love veggie Mondays now , it feels we having a drinks party, I often serve with freshly fried prawn crackers or fin crisps.
Vegetable tempura is also a good dish , any kind of bean salad with chopped red onion, grated carrot, chopped parsley is delicious with top onto the prawn crackers.

Simple pasta Wednesday is going, no meat pasta, mainly a good olive oil, pinch of chilli, garlic, grated courgette  or kale, with smoked bacon and chopped parsley.
It is an inexpensive and healthy dish. Hope all readers try at home.

Stuffed pepper with rice

Bean salad

Red bean and kale dal

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