Friday, 21 March 2014

BBC 2 , Korean Food on March 20.

I knew Hairy Bikers had filmed in Korea about food last year and finally they were on BBC 2 last night , 20th, March.
I am not a fan of them , never have been.
My ideal choice would be my food hero, late Clarissa Dickson Wright. Honest talking, history loving , knowledgeable  excellent food writer , Ms Dickson  would have been a dream presenter for Korean food.

The program was informative about kimchi making , pleased they filmed at the ordinary household rather than official cookery institute to show how to make kimchi.
It looks more real than I often have seen Korean traditional dress wearing well known Korean celebrity chefs, it was a very wise choice not to use them.

I knew this Korean food fever will be happen in UK a few years ago through my cookery and I was upset about celebrity chef writing on kimchi recipes so wrong ,wrote blog about it and send begging email to food program team , let me show how it has to be done but as I am only a food blogger, all just ignored.
But only a Guardian Journalist contact me in early 2013, she came over here in my house and I gave a free quick kimchi lesson and she wrote in her article as a part of  world pickles.
I am pleased now, at least some celebrity chefs know about kimchi recipe.

After this program, I am hopping the Korean kimchi fridge maker will sell kimchi fridge in Britain soon, not too big , just small one, I always love to own this fridge, Perhaps they should market in UK not for only kimchi, also fruits, vegetables' fridge

But kimchi is very well known and popular in UK since 2010 , the program look so out dated, should have been a few years earlier.  It could have been a big food news I think.
I have seen that Korean food's popularity through my cookery since 2010, Kimchi was most popular word in 2012 among the London foodies which I read in the paper.

I think food is like fashion, it comes and goes.
 Korean food was the food, 2013 in London, Who know what will be the Food 2014 in London.
It may not the special food , the way we dining , casual dining perhaps!

After this Korean younger generation under 40s should think about how they will carry on this Kimchi making tradition

Baby radish kimchi

Non spicy cabbage kimchi

Radish cube kimchi ( kakdugi)

Cabbage kimchi

Even my family in korea, nieces does not make kimchi themselves, they are provided by mothers or mother in laws because, all of them has high flying jobs, too busy.
I do hope, All Korean school teach kimchi making as a subject , must learn during school years.

One thing in the program, hairy bikers seemed Korean chilli is too spicy for them,  but the beauty of Korean chilli is not too spicy like Thai, has sweet taste in the background, that's why fermented kimchi is so good, If they are too spicy, kimchi could not be able to eat in every meal.
I feel they missed a good point in this or perhaps they can not take spicy food.

Photos: my own home made kimchies.

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