Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dear Tesco

Dear Sir

I have been your royal customer since 1989, the year we moved to England from Greece.
My local Tesco is Old Amersham branch in Buckinghamshire which is great for us not only it is near also has fish section and butcher.
I am a Korean born food writer and food blogger and teaching Korean cookery at home. I do not shop only at Tesco, I do go around any where like any foodie to find the best for my cooking.

I was so pleased that I found skirt beef , ox cheek meat were in your butcher section, I love to cook with not familiar cuts and specially slow cooking . I knew skirt beef makes good flavoursome steak and wanted to cook at home but it is hard to find unless I go to expensive famous London butcher or Selfridges. I always thought it is mad, why cheaper cuts beef are not available , like Skirt beef or Hanger's Steak meat.
Of course my favourite steak is Ryb Eye Steak but they are too expensive, we can have only special day, like birthday, anniversary.

Anyway your Butcher section sell this skirt beef from 2012( I think?) and we enjoyed medium rare skirt beef steak time to time for 2 years now.
Suddenly you do not sell anymore since early February, Why ?
I understand it is a commercial reason, and I might be the only one buying as a steak cut, others just for Cornish Pie perhaps, if this is the case you should educate your customer through your cookery magazine, Real Food.
I have seen a lots of recipes on chicken or other meat recipes as budget meals, never seen a budget steak, for 1kg £8, I can feed family, 4 people. I know it is not a low budget meal but certainly it is budget treat meal as I do.
It has to be cooked as medium rare or medium, if cook well done, it will be  too stringy and chewy.

If you knew that the most famous French Chef in UK, Albert Roux's favourite meal is Skirt beef steak and English chips! this would change your mind.

As a Korean food writer, I use them for my Korean spicy beef and leek soup instead of Brisket beef, now I have to order my local butcher specially as they never stock them in the shop.

As ox cheek is no longer available at  your Tesco but luckily now Waitrose is selling them along with another cheaper cut, feather blade.
Ironically I do shop at Waitrose more often than ever to buy these cuts.

As lamb wing shank is no longer available at Tesco from November, 2013 ( I think?) , you know they make excellent stew dish with red wine and tomato just like other expensive lamb shank also very good Lancashire Hot pot, meaty and soup in the pot is so tasty because of  the bone.  Now Waitrose has them.

Still you sell  good lamb's kidney and Ox kidney, I am thankful for this.
I do make very good devil's kidney, they cost often less than £1 and we can have lunch with a slice of toast for 3 grown ups. how economic is it!!

I do appreciate it is purely commercial reason, but do you sell a lots of expensive cuts like Sir loin, ryb eye, fillet, and prime rib joint?

Isn't it ironic I do shop more at Waitrose, well known for upper middle class shop for cheaper cuts of meat??

Skirt Steak
Skirt Steak with Chips

Ox cheek stew with red wine

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