Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Finger Food (Dirty Food)

Beef & prawn balls

Cucumber & dill salad

Italian ham& smoked salmon

Grilled octopus

Scotch eggs

Scotch eggs
According to The Times paper, London food scene is changing to finger food, they call dirty food.
No booking , first come first serve system is very popular., burger and chips, pulled pork & chips, spicy fried chicken wings so on, all very American.

Our family are all love various finger food for the lazy late Saturday lunch. As a Korean, it is just normal, like a Korean meal set, rice with 4-6 different dishes, they are more than tapas.
Our favourite dishes are, cold ham, smoked salmon, Scotch quail eggs,  bean salad, Korean pancakes ( seafood or just courgette & chilli), dips with good sourdough bread.
you do have more work to do but it is much more interesting and all family got talk freely, as a foodie family , topic is always about new food in London.

I change every week also make more veggies dishes, like  baked cauliflower with curry and cheese, baked aubergine with Korean  spicy sauce  so on.

I think finger food dinning at home is more family oriented affair, hope all my blog readers will try casual finger food lunch time to time.

I have no plan usually, whatever I can find a good value and fresh ingredient in my week end shopping, I just improvise . as the photo, last week I found small octopus, were so cheap, boiled in  red wine and  onion, garlic, pepper corn and a dry chilli for 1 hour. when they are cold, marinate with soy, sugar, sesame oil, spicy chiili paste and simply grilled in my oven, it was so tender and delicious!

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