Monday, 10 February 2014

Kimchi, bulgogi class on 8th of Februaray

brined cabbage with kimchi stuffing

instant kimchi

Korean cucumber salad

Korean beef BBQ , bulgogi
8th of February was my first Korean cookery date, 2014 but unfortunately I broke my arm during the festive season , I had to adapt as a left hand cook for now.
I have considered to cancelling this class  but this one has planned in late November and most of them as a present for Christmas, as I can do most cooking with my left hand, and did not have a heart to disappoint their Christmas treat.
Luckily my an old royal student, Dan offered as a  my helper.
 Making authentic cabbage kimchi is a long process, mostly brining , salting is most important and Difficult, should not be too salty, takes a few hours.
15 per cent salt water solution and turn cabbage now and then, try to get crunch top and soft leaves makes a good kimchi.
Making kimchi stuffing. cut mooli like match stick, crushed garlic, ginger, Korean chilli flakes, spring onion, Korean anchovy sauce and Korean salted baby shrimp, mix well and leave for at least 1 hour.
Luke is making kimchi

making kimchi in the class
ashes and drain the salted cabbage on to the stuffing bowl, put stuffing top side leave by hand and repeat leave by leave and, fold in half, wrap tight with outer leave, store in the air tight jar. push all kimchi to prevent any gap between kimchi.
 Leave in a cool place for a day and put in the fridge to ferment, or just put in the fridge which takes longer to ferment.

I was so glad the class went so smoothly, they cut, sliced vegetables . all of the made their own kimchi and took home.
Bulgogi and refreshing cucumber salad , dresses up with sugar, sesame oil, sesame seed instant kimchi , they seem all enjoyed class and the meal.
It was a huge relief for my side and great satisfaction as a left  hand cook and I and Dr Shin, Robinson college, university of Cambridge will put another Korean food event in March.

One thing I had to address, just 2 hour before the class one lady who applied the class, sent email saying she is not able to come as she has to attend the dinner. it was the most unprofessional attitude, and I was very disappointed by this not because I had spent money on ingredients , not respecting other people's work. it would be fine at least gave me 24hours notice at least.
Another lady just did not turn up without any excuse and still I have not heard from her. it was the very first time happened to me, I might have to address when they apply my cookery class, make sure they do respect my work.  well, well, you learn something along the way.

 meal after the class

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