Monday, 17 February 2014

New Korean Food event at Robinson College, Cambridge University



Slow cooked belly pork

Dr Michael Shin , Robinson College, Cambridge University and I are organizing 3rd Korean food event on 5th of march for 70-100 invited guests.
I had a meeting with college chefs on 12th of February, I made sample dishes at home, Bibimbab and Belly Pork Bossam, they all loved the taste.
As ever, college chefs so willing to be my right hand (literary) chefs and all are excited about making new Korean dishes.
We are serving, Belly Pork Bossam followed by Bibimbab with miso soup, kimch, mooli salad for the dessert, Lemon Tart and Fruits salad .
I am so proud to cook in this event at Cambridge University, what a task, and the best way to promote Korean food to the future generation in Britain. Hope Korean government would notice Dr Shin's idea and his enthusiasm for Korean food.

Watch this space I will write a blog after the event.


  1. Hi Kie-Jo,

    the food looks delicious. Although I am not vegetarian myself, I always take interest in non-meat alternatives for dishes (as you might have gathered from the class I attended). So I was curious whether you will be offering a vegetarian menu at the Cambridge University event.

    I believe I also didn't see any vegetarian menus for any of the cooking classes you offer.
    Have you ever considered adding a vegetarian class to you offering?
    Hope to attend another class soon,



    1. Hi, Gina.
      Thanks for your comment, Of course I offer vegetarian option for the event, it is a unwritten rule for the event, I am doing, unless the organizer told me so. As bossam, I will use tofu, bibimbab is a nearly vegetarian dish anyway, just do not add beef topping. miso soup is a total vegetarian dish. the beauty if Korean food is easy to adopt to the vegetarian dish.
      If vegetarian is attending in my class,i always give them a choice.

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    1. Thanks Daniel, it is high praise indeed not only my food also my writing.
      Your comment makes me realise why I am doing food blog and thinking about cooking all the time, a kind of creative process I love most.