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Special Italian food festival . Bellavita Expo 2016

Stuffed mozzarella cheese

Val Paradiso exv. olive oil producers

Rasines wrapped in lemon leaves,

sweet wine

Neapolitan Pizza team

Italian vegetables

Who does not like Italian food in the world?
Italian food seems the world food these days , most of the corner of the world  you can find pizza or pasta , they might be not authentic but still they are  Italian food.

When I make pasta or some Italian dish at home, I try to use all real Italian ingredients as much as possible except fresh ingredients such as vegetables, meats and fish.
Using Italian products, olive oil, tin tomatoes, some herbs, they are a little more expensive are but worth it for me.

I am so pleased to be invited to the Special Italian food fair in London and it was such a wonderful chance to see all different region specialities under the one roof.

Regional foods in Italy are special, as I pop in any exhibitor’s site, first you can see the map of Italy and the red painted region where they are from.

I do admire this tradition to keep local specialities to the region only can produce.  Family running business seemed keeping tradition for generations. 

Start with the famous pizza from Napoli, thin crispy base and good tomato sauce and good quality of cheese, who need a lot of toppings?

It reminds me out short break in Napoli ,how we loved local famous pizza, even we have to wait for a table for 1 hour,  it was very tasty with special memory.

Looking at all the exhibitors from cured meats, cheese, olive oil , wine , even dried herb from sun soaked country, Sicily , all very interesting  and most of all I am so envy to see them all.

All products seemed got a story to tell, hard work, heart aching, elating ,happy with surrounding their nature, very romantic even.

Extra virgin olive oil by Val Paradiso was exceptional, so intense flavour, never tasted this good.  Such different than any I have tasted.

 Every food lovers should keep in their self  including me. You need just a good crusty bread and cheese with this oil, your meal is ready.

Raisins wrapped in the Lemon tree leaves to give lemon flavour in raisins, how original and poetic thought process, Wow, love  the idea, even before I tasted this lemon flavoured rasin. 

The lemon tree leave parcel was like a gift parcel gives you kind of excitement to open this.

One small exhibition table caught my eyes, stuffed with ham, chilli, capers mozzarella cheese, just like small a pretty purse.

When it was cut in half you can see that packed with ham, chilli, capers and so delicious, salty, spicy and  cheesy.

It would be a perfect for the drinks party, just with wine, or light lunch with salad.
what an lovely idea !  Any good deli should sell this.

The kind owner gave me some to try at home, I baked on the flat bread with roasted peppers and wrapped, like wrapped pizza. Just melt in your mouth. 
As a food blogger and writer I was lucky to have been invited many kind of food show, but this Italian food show was special and loved the food romance .
I loved the story behind in every products,  all very terribly proud of their products and a good story to tell,  a long journey of developing the products, happy or sad!
A good news !

The Bellavita Academy is opening  in London soon.
Italian cookery course, Italian wine sommelier course will be run by the Italian experts. I am looking forward to see this academy.
Web site: Bellavita.Academy.
Web site to look:

Olive oil:
Dry fruits:
Cheese: Caseificlo Saturno
Olive, anchovy and more:

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