Thursday, 3 November 2016

Bulgogi Steak ( Koream BBQ Steak)

Grilled Bulgogi steak with lettuce and Ssamjang
Thinly sliced Skirt Beef

Marinating  Beef

Bulgogi  Steak ( Korean BBQ Steak)



This is same as Korean Bulgogi, but I made as steak and cooked medium rare.
Often Bulgogi meat is very thinly sliced feather blade beef but I am using skirt beef for this because skirt beef has much deep flavour.
Ingredients :  ( 4 people)
700g skirt beef.
5 tbsp dark soy ,  3 tbsp water, 3 tbsp sugar,  2 tbsp sesame oil,
5-6 of  clovers of garlic ( to make 1tbsp crushed) ,  small (1.5cm cube) ginger,
 1 pear, 1 kiwi , ½ m. onion.   2tsp Ground black pepper,  spring onion.  
  1. Cut beef as medium size of steak and if meat is more than 1cm thick, cut carefully open up like a book and put on the meat board, cover with cling film and bang gently with meat hammer to make slightly thinner and tenderise.
  2.  Skinned pear and kiwi, Put all ingredients into the food processor and make marinating sauce .
  3. Chop spring onion ( 3-4) and add to the marinating sauce.
  4. In a big bowl dip meat pieces one by one and pour remaining sauce in the bowl and leave at least 4 hours up to 6 hours in the fridge.
  5. Take out meat before 1 hour to cook.
  6. Heat  the griddle pan very hot and cook 1 minutes each side and make sure not cook well done. This Steak hs to be medium rare to taste best.
  7. Well done skirt beef steak makes tough and chewy
  8. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and serve with lettuce and sesame leaves ( optional) with Ssamjang sauce.
  9. Cut the meat as bite size and put on the lettuce and Shiso leave , add a bit of Ssamjang and wrap and eat, this is the Korean way.
1, In a bowl equal amount ( 1 tbsp) of Korean Chilli paste ( Gochujang) and bean paste ( Doenjang) mix with grated garlic ( ½ tsp) , 2 tsp sesame oil,  2 tsp sugar, 2tsp toasted sesame seeds, 1tbsp chopped spring onion and mix well.



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