Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hospital Food

Unfortunately I was admitted hospital and stayed for 3 days in NHS hospital in Buckinghamshire.
I was treated by all wonderful nurses and doctors and ward I am in was spotlessly clean.
even we shared four in a room it was spacious enough.

But when I have to choose meal it was a big problem for me. I had fish & chips and peas, it was soggy , but it was edible, specially for 36hours nil by mouth for the operation.
I was going to discharged next day but  had to stay another day due to high temperature and low blood pressure.
Main meal is lunch in hospital but that day I did not choose mine because I was going to be out  someone chose for next patient just in case, I had to have his chosen meal, cottage pie and ice cream for the dessert.
Oh my! my!! it was just awful ! so salty and unpleasant taste  mostly contains mashed potatoes very tiny portion was meat , which I did not mind if they made well. But the taste, why so salty? in hospital food?

I wonder any staff or doctors had ever tried? if they had not,  they must !
All these years all health experts are campaigning the healthy eat but why not in Hospital, it is so unbelievable what they are serving for the patients!
I understand the hospital where I stayed does not have catering facility all foods are delivered and heat up in the microwave even so they should control salt and sugar( dessert) in the food.
I like to shout please make sure the food is at least edible not salty and sugary.
It is funny, all experts shouting about unhealthy food in the media but why not start at hospital???

My idea for hospital food.
1. make few dishes and make well
2. five hot 3 cold, if do not have catering facility
3. make some Asian simple rice dish ( simple rice, vegetables( like frozen peas, corn carrots)and egg would be better than any.

Well, being a Korean naturally I like to have rice dish but it is more appetising than any grey meat and potato dish surely.

I have read an article ,saying prison food is much better than NHS hospital food, I have not seen prison food but I certainly believe this.

I dare say , Health minister Mr Hunt should ask advice from his wife on hospital food.

If I have to admit hospital again, I will take vacuum packed cooked Korean rice, small soy sauce and tiny tube of gochujang!

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