Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Korean Food at Robison college, Cambridge

Robinson College

Head chef, Gary and chef, Stuart

My instant kimchi

 marinating beef with chef, Stuart
Before  the Summer I had email from head chef, Gary at Robinson College , Cambridge University , planning to do Special Korean Evening for the students on 30th October.
As a social event and selling ticket for the Korean dinner.
Well, this event is very special, as far as I know there were never British university catering team provide Korean food for the Students, Yes there were a few Korean Food events but they were all funded and for the invited ( free) guests like Dr shin and I did on May.
As I  already had shown them  how to cook my 5 recipes on May,
Gary seemed confident doing themselves but I was a little concerned . also they did not learn how to make kimchi,  the Korean food event without kimchi seemed so odd.
I decided to help them on the night and show them how to make instant kimchi, so they can make next time.
Cooking needs a lots of practise specially when you are making foreign food, even you got recipe for it, still you need to see and get use to the taste ( right taste).

Arrived just before 2 pm, and went in kitchen to see chefs first, as usual they were delighted see me and so welcoming. some staff offered me lunch from students canteen.
Gary showed me the menu for the Korean night, surprised by not cooked rice on the menu. Gary said as they did not have Korean rice, they will serve potatoes and bread, I said without rice and kimchi Korean food can not be eaten, all Korean dishes are meant to be eaten with rice. Asked cook any kind of rice ( long grain or Thai) . I was so glad I came to help, after all they are cooking with my recipes and my name on the leaflet.
Chef, Stuart prepared so nicely, thinly cut beef for bulgogi, spring onion for pajeon (seafood pancake) so on, 2 Chinese cabbage were delivered for my instant kimchi. as kitchen is closed from 2 pm to 4 pm I asked them to take out cabbage, sea salt, I can start before 4 pm.
Dr Shin kindly booked a room for me for the night.

Making kimchi is a long slow process if I like to make proper one. This recipe will be the easiest one, I call it Instant kimchi, like kimchi salad. it is much easier to work in this huge professional kitchen with a walk in cold room, all kind of wonder machines around .

 Cooking for 50 paying students is not easy, Stuart is working so nicely and efficiently with me is a big advantage.
Marinating 50 potion of bulgogi and plus extra helping needs some beef. I just put my robber gloves on and took in charge with Stuart's help. Move on to pajeon batter as same way, make Ssamjang as they did not buy ready made Korean ssamjang, I just made with bean paste, chilli flakes, sesame oil, sesame seed, garlic and honey, too salty, asked them quick boil sweet potatoes and mashed in to dilute saltiness as I do at home.
Made dipping sauce, all kitchen staff remembered all things which was so pleasing.
Stuart loves my special red cabbage , apple, molli, red onion salad, he informed me, he using my recipe a lot at home and at college kitchen, it is very good to hear that from professional chef !

By 6 pm all hungry students arrived at once, we cooked as fast as we could. the feed back from serving staff was so positive. I did not feel tired at all, I know it will hit me later.
My instant kimchi has gone with no time, I should have made 4 cabbages rather than 2.

I was so relived when they are having dessert and went out talk to the students. they all said they really loved and even asking more often and not well known Korean dishes they'd love to try.
Perhaps I will make Kimchi jjigae.

As Dr Shin recognised, I need to be there to supervise this Korean night as still chefs are unfamiliar with taste and process in Korean dishes.

I dragged my tired body with a bottle of white wine to my room and had a long drink.

Menu:  Cooked rice.
Bulgogi and lettuce with ssamjang.
Pajeon and dipping sauce
Instant kimchi
Red cabbage, apple red onion salad.
Dessert: Fruits salad

After all we, Dr Shin, Robison college kitchen team and I made a small history on Korean food!!

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