Monday, 28 October 2013

Our Short break at Scotland ( Isle of Eriska)

Isle of Eriska Hotel

Grilled Turbot

Venison fillet

Steak Tar tare

smoked salmon and black pudding

I was invited by my daughter, Cat to accompany to Isle of Eriska hotel review trip in near Oban , Scotland.
we arrived Glasgow on the grey, rainy day and take train to Oban has to  wait for 2 hours.
Tried to find some decent coffee shop or tea room and thanks for her friend's advice, we found a pretty Willow tea room,  charmingly decorated and with tall reproduction of the famous Mackintosh chair, a good place to wait for the train. 
Finally we got on the train to Oban, our station is just before Oban, I was informed to take 2 and half hours. Looking out window, after city scene, we faced beautiful folding hills ( ups! Glen!) and Loch has appeared, it was so beautiful , truly  a Scotland scenic view.  Such a relaxing journey.

we were picked up by the owner of the hotel and this a pretty looking hotel, Not too big, felt visiting a manor house as a house guest. This handsome house, hotel is in island,Eriska, connected by  a tiny bridge.

Our room was spacious and nice chairs, a sofa, writing desk, looking out garden, I felt I ought to produce a nice novella or something like beautiful essay. All hotel feels so cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

3 course dinner were deliciously made by head chef with local ingredients.  I had Roast grouse breast meat with micro salad, red wine reduction, venison fillet , all were perfectly cooked and presented, they were just very Scotland fare, I have not much experience in cooking Game meat, they were so good, no wonder this  Hotel restaurant food is known as one of best Scottish food and ingredients.
Steak tar tare was exceptional without egg, its intense well hanged beef flavour with green herb, tangy sauce was  die for, best one I've had, even better than Korean style.
Chef made smoked salmon was not salty mildly smoked, meaty with creamy Conoway black pudding and egg, they were so good for the cold winter morning breakfast.
9 hole golf course, a long walk to the peer , fishing , shooting are all offered along with Spa treatment.
 After a long walk having a tea with mini cakes were sheer pleasure with a book in my hand. I had a most relaxed short break in years  .

What a shame it 's too far from us to come for a week end break as all Guests seemed live around Scotland.

Isle of Eriska hotel. spa & golf

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Sitting room with Log fire

Tea room looking at the garden

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  1. Wow... that's quite near. I know that whale watching oban is a thing in there but I can't believe that it's that close!