Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wine Festival and Food in Verona


Arena in Verona
One of my best Korean cookery member , Cristina ( an Italian) and I travelled to Verona for the wine festival,  on a cold April . Arrived  a quite posh hotel. Golden Dove just a minute from ancient Arena, this small city is just same as I remembered years ( 5-6 years)ago as I visited for the Opera.

Found a decent restaurant near hotel, we had mushroom risotto and Italian ham and  tomato pizza  with  a bottle of water and a bottle of house red to share. It was a decent meal not a memorable, it may due to do we had so many good Italian restaurants in London, I may have spoiled by this, but all very reasonable price! 38 Euro !!

On Sunday morning we had a good Italian breakfast ( hotel, buffet) with strong coffee, head to wine festival. seemed most of them are Italian, it was well organised , tent were divided by wine producing area, like Tuscany so on
I am not an wine expert but I love Italian Red, Barolo with meat dish.
 Wine festival Entrance

tasting with Cristina
I was so surprised by so many good red wine are produced in Italy and mellow and melt on your mouth. I was worried how am I going to taste all these but I had only a sip and lingering in my mouth and swallow, did not spit like an expert does. I  found my way to not drink too much at once. Talking to wine producers were such a enjoyable moment. they were so enthusiastic and so passionate about their wine.
One thing was surprised me, so many kind of sparkling wine are produced in Italy , some are better than champagne, sweet dessert wine were my another surprise. I normally do not drink any  sweet wine ( red or white) if I make tiramisu I use Vinsanto  sweet wine that's all. but I found very tasty sweet wine for just drink with cheese, it was hugely enjoyable .
A few wine makers telling me, they tried open to Asia market specially in China but how difficult to sell Italian wine, still Asian thinks French wine is the best, well they will know soon .
I had a jolly good experience to tasting delicious wine but regrettably can't take with me.
My favourite red are still Barolo and Barbaresco from Piedimont region.
Finally we found Cristina's cousin, Cesconi  wine corner, a small and quality wine maker, 3 brothers, their white, Nosiola would be a perfect with light meal. I fell in love with their sweet wine, not overly sweet , the aroma , faint smell of rose, I Loved this Cesconi's Traminer.
It is worth to buy, after nice dinner with a glass of Traminer would be just right with bitter chocolate.
This trip I've learned something very new!! what a joy indeed 
We were invited by Cristina's other cousin, Bruno & Pina , their friends for dinner. It was a very Italian affair, talking , and laughing , I could not understand but hugely enjoyable to see that they are just like Korean family gathering.

Cristina with Lorenzo, Cesconi Wine
Food was very good, 12course meal but on 3 plates, what a good idea. On a big plate 5 different small food with instruction , like where to start to finish. I never seen this way in London , I might try at home.
Dinner 5 dishes on a plate

Dinner 5 dishes on a plate
Of course we did visit Juliet's house in the middle of Verona, packed with tourist, but found they put
Juliet's Balcony
kind of iron gate to put lover's lock, oh my my!! it looked just too awful!!
The city was not changed at all since I have been here for the opera, I could find same supermarket , no problem. cheese and Italian Ham are in our suit case and leaving Verona with a good memory.
This trip was just like visiting an old friend.
 Shame !! I could not afford to be here for the opera this Summer again.


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