Saturday, 12 May 2012

Baechu Kimchi ( Cabbage Kimchi)

In Korean cuisine most important dish is cabbage kimchi and without kimchi Korean meal can not be completed. Every meal Kimchi is on the table , therefor Korean meal concept is unique, I do not know any other country in the world eat one single dish every meal.
In olden days Kimchi recipes hand down to next generations for long time, every family has their own recipes and mostly pass on from mother to daughter and daughter in law, therefor newly wed wives has to learn kimchi from their mother in law . Also we have different recipes from province to province.
Kimchi is topic conversation during meal time specially when you invite guests to the meal, usually guests talk about how delicious  host's  kimchi, often the secret family kimchi recipes are never revealed to anyone. These days Korean Government promote Kimchi as symbol of Korean cuisine but sadly Kimchi making to the young Korean generations are dying art!! You can buy kimchi any Korean market but always home made one is the Best!!!  
 I would like to strongly recommend Kimchi making class in every Korean school.

Kimchi is recognised by UN as one of healthiest dish in the world along with Japanese Miso, Greek Yogurt, India Lentil, Spain Olive oil. When Kimchi is fermented produce a lots of good bacteria, more than yogurt.
Now days in Korean restaurants in UK seldom serve fermented kmchi, they mostly serve very freshly made kimchi which means just like spicy cabbage salad. I love slightly fermented Kimchi, that has complex and very special taste, this fermented Kimchi makes excellent Kimchi pancake,stew .

Ingredients; 2 Cabbage, 1 white mooli, spring onion, 1cup Korean chilli flakes, 1/2cup anchovy sauce (or Thai fish sauce), 1tbs salted baby shrimps.1tbs sugar, 2tbs crushed garlic, 1tbs grated ginger
300g sea salt.

Method: 1, choose good cabbage with with dark green leaves, cut in half by slit knife on the top and pull by hand.2. Salting is most important and difficult,wet cabbage and sprinkle salt by hand in side leaves and top .leave 4-5 hours and turn over time to time.
3. Wash and drain set aside.4. Cut mooli and spring onion like match stick, all other ingredients mix together in a big bowl and leave at least 30minutes 5. Put kimchi ssock(4, stuffing) put in side leaves carefully and fold in half and wrap with outside leave and put air tight jar. 6. put 1cup water and 1tbs salt in the Kimchi bowl mix and pour over Jar and put in the dark and cool place for 2 days and move in the fridge. Or you can put fridge strait away and Wait for 3-5 days to slightly ferment.
You can keep in the fridge for 4 -6 weeks. I have seen Kimchi fridge by Korean Electronic company in most of Korean House but sadly I can not afford here, it is too expensive in Uk. Supposedly Kimchi fridge keeps kimchi always same temperature and last longer than normal conventional fridges. I do wish I have one!!!

Kimchi making needs a lots of practise, just be patients! learn from your own trial and error!!
I am making kimchi for over 45 years but still I am worried the end result, every time, also every time kimchi taste slightly different !! defend on cabbages and salting process. you need crunch at top and soft leaves, which makes a good kimchi.  

Photos: cabbages, salting, Stuffing, me making kimchi, end of kimchi making ready to put in the jar


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