Monday, 23 April 2012

Our Spring Dinner / Roast Lamb

All 4 of our family gather together during the Easter week, try to find good leg of lamb for the Roast. It seem very expensive these days when you buying British lamb, since I read an article about Spring Lamb , the article said, British spring lamb is not grass fed ,they are milk fed . so I have decided opt for New Zealand lamb. it look OK and reasonable price.
I marinated red wine, slit with knife on the skin, stuffed with Orange piece, rosemary, garlic randomly and bedded with rosemary, sliced onion, half of garlic head, and cook very slowly for 2 hours on a low heat oven ( 120c first 1.5 hours and 200c for half hour) finally glazed with runny honey for 10 minutes.
It was much better than cook 180c temperature for 1 hour.
Still pink and tender!!!
i am doing low temperature, slow roast all pf meat now ,the result is better than conventional one.

Our Menu was 
Stater: Quick stir fried queen scallops , prawn with garlic and chili, asparagus.
Main; Roast leg of Lamb with Spring Cabbage with Mustard and Butter
Dessert: Meringue stuffed with Mascapone cheese, lime and ginger.

I must say it was delicious!

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