Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spring onion & Sea food pancake/파전(pajeon)

Spring onion and seafood pancake is very well known South east Korea region( Kyungsangnamdo, Busan and Masan) dish ,this region has plenty of seafood, where I come from. We usually eat seafood pancake as a snack , you need tender young spring onion but sadly here in UK spring onion is not very tender , you need chop very thinly for this dish, rather than whole as in Korea. 
Clam is best for Pajeon , but you can not find clam often here, and if you do so expensive. I often use mix with mussels, prawns and even baby squids makes a good pancake.

Ingredients: 2 bunch of spring onion. 
Green and red chilli, 1 each. 
200g of mixed seafood( clam, mussel, prawn, squid).
Strong bread flour.
Dipping sauce: soy sauce, toasted sesame seed, chopped spring onion, sugar, rice vinegar.

1. Wash spring onion and cut 5cm , and split in half to make thin stripes, chop all seafood small pieces, chop chillies very thinly as well and mix well in the big bowl.
2. Pour 2 cups of flour, and water (2cup) and mix well with a big spoon , make like English pancake batter, season with salt and pepper, set aside for at least 30 minutes( up to 1 hour).
3. In a frying pan heat oil( vegetable oil) and put small ladle of pancake mixture and shallow fry until golden both side.
4. Make dipping sauce: put soy sauce( 3tbs), 1tbs water, 1 tbs vinegar, 2tsp sugar, 1tbsp chopped spring onion , 2tsp toasted sesame seed and mix well, 

Server with pancake and dipping sauce, it is very good first course with rocket salad on the side.  

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