Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spicy Squid / 오징어 볶음

Korean style stir fried squid is one of my all time favourite meal. when you get very fresh squid with chili paste and colourful vegetables are not only pretty to look at also very tasty dish. With fresh squid, I can make a few tasty dishes, but this Korean spicy stir fry squid is very easy and quick recipe, with hot steamy rice and miso soup , it is a complete meal.

1 squid(M). 1 yellow and red pepper, 1 onion, 2 carrot. 1 celery stick.1 bunch spring onion
3tsp soy sauce, 2tsp Korean chili paste. 2tsp sugar, 2 tsp sesame oil.
1tsp crushed garlic and ginger.

Method: ask fish monger skinned and clean the squid. cut squid open and cut 10cm long,5cm width. slit with very sharp knife like diamond ,being not cut through to prevent curl when you cook.
cut all the vegetables like stick, 10cm long. In a bowl, soy, chili paste,garlic, ginger, sugar and mix well add half glass of water and mix with squid pieces and set aside for 20 minutes.
In a big pan or wok, heat oil( vegetable oil) and start add onion, celery then peppers when start cook add squid with sauce cook for 3 minutes and finally add spring onions. when squid is cooked season if need it( adding more chili paste and soy), and put in a big shallow dish, sprinkle toasted sesame and serve with  rice. This taste should be sweet, spicy and vegetables has a bite to it.  

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