Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pasta with Chicken (marinated in garlic, lemon, olive oil and shiso pesto)

I made this pasta dish remembering a visit to Bologna. We had pasta with rabbit marinated in garlic and oilve oil, it was so tasty. I came up with this recipe. Since I cannot find rabbit meat easily in our area.  I made it with chicken thigh meat and shiso leaves instead of basil.

4 Chicken thigh/ boneless, skinless 1 per person
Chopped garlic 2tsp
Ex.V oilve oil 2 tbsp
Chopped chilli (1/2, seeded)
Shiso pesto 2tsp
Salt, pepper. lemom juice

1. Chop chicken thigh meat very small( 0.5cm cube), set a side. in a bowl, put garlic, lemon zest, oilve oil pepper, salt and 1tsp of lemon juice , mix well and add chicken meat, leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours at least.
2. Heat pan with oil, cook onion , chilli, chicken meat , add shiso, when chicken is cooked season and add 2tbsp of dry white wine, and cook  brifly on the high heat and check the seasoning, finallay chopped shiso leaves (2 tsp) , mix well with cooked pasta and serve. It is tasty as in Bologna I think, do try at home. 

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