Saturday, 13 August 2011

Food Festival

I had  a ticket Foodies Festival, at Battersea Park, I had very busy last week of July, guests from Korea, My daughter leaving to Far east for a very adventurous holiday for 6 weeks. I thought too Young to have back packing Holiday ,being 20, young and no fear, what can I do?

Finally Sunday, 31st, I dragged my tired body and mind to the foodie festival, but there were no
   atmosphere, until i got to Spanish paella corner, in the huge pan , cooking paella looked having a party and a lots of people stood ,waiting for their lunch, £ 6 a bowl( smallish),smells good and visually pretty. but £3 would have been a right price. still it does not like festival for me.
I was rather disappointed by all these pop up food festival over the years, and does not look inspiring or even interesting , too small, not too many things in there and you have to pay for it!!!
 or I am too spoiled ,coming from foodie town in South Korea.
This Festival seemed much less things in My hometown, Masan's daily markets. or even French village .Whoever organize this so called festival, specially pay a good money(£15) ,try harder than this more like pop up market.Anyway food is talking about all types of media,
but  All I can hear that modern British working life has hardly any time to cook., Cooking needs only short time if you have willingness. and desire for good food, home food is the best surely!!
I found cooking is my best relaxation and more therapeutic than anything but not everybody will be the same  as me but, i can blame the government not having Cookery Class at school, Can I ????? 

Bought  some fat Turkish spicy olives, it was good, but creamy Feta cheese was too creamy for my taste, I  love grainy Feta cheese we used to buy at the little shop when we were in outside of  Athens.
Coming home ,in the train , my mind was travelling to my hometown, South East Korea, Sea-town, Masan, I loved daily visit to the market, the noise and looking at the all kind of shapes of fish, sea food, sea veggies, you can buy anything, fish, seafood, meat vegetables, fruits,.

One day I love to travel Korea, write  about all regional food, and Spain, south France, Italy are the my dream traveller's food land, well. If only I can afford!!

 I was at Masan,South Korea 2010, very happy to say it was still the same  but only made more orderly and roof has been put up , it was such a joy  walking around to seeing all those my childhood food and the smell!
Still i am painfully trying to recreate my childhood food when I am in England , and hold on to my dearest memory.

Photo; My hometown, Masan's daily open market, 2010
Red  sea- food is the kind of sea squat from only South east coast of Korea, inside this hard skin has soft bright orange colour flesh,  has fantastic earthy and sweet flavour, slightly tangy taste . I miss this most , I have not seen in Europe yet .

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  1. actually i have never been to a good food festival in the uk...they have always seemed weak and pathetic... i prefer the supermarket/small shops in korea town or chinatown or soho or kentish town!!