Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kimchi, kimchi, kimchi, kimchi /김치

In my fridge 1 have 4 different kind of kimchi, it is due to buying too many seasonal kimchi, ingredients from Mr, Chang, (  from Germany). I was like a little kid in the sweet shop the other day. i buy all my shiso leaves ( in Korean gettnip) from him when comes to UK, I have known him by accident ,one year in New Malden, As I need lots of shiso for my shiso pesto and my Korean cookery, He always calls me in August when he comes to New Malden with all kind of wonderful Korean Veggies. I do not know how he can grow all the Korean vegetables like in Korea, taste and texture.. Well last time I was his shop,(actually a  van in the car park), I could not resist to seeing all the wonderful, cabbage and white radish( daikon) and baby white radish.Thinking I have not seen these and not eaten certain Kimchi for 30 years, isn't it crazy?? as I get older, memory of food is so special, and it takes me to my childhood and in certain place. Is that only me? or I am truly and plainly getting old!

 Making a kimchi takes at least half day, making 4 different kimchi, well, I was very greedy and since I am living far from New Malden, I have to take this chance. Baby radish kimchi is very special, crunch to bite and sweet, spicy. I just have to make it . My fridge is bursting with my 4 kimchi Jars and now I am busy planning with what kind of Korean food  goes well these kimchi.. Hearty beef soup with crunch radish kimchi, Slow cooked belly pork with cabbage kimchi, noodle in the watery kimchi so on. 
Here are the 4 kimchi.  1. Cabbage Kimchi( Baechu kimchi,)
2. Non spicy Cabbage watery Kimchi( Mul kimchi)
3.Baby radish Kimchi ( Chonggak Kimchi)
4, Radish Kimchi ( Ggakdugi)


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  1. I like spicy foods. Maybe that's why I fancy Korean Cuisine. I haven't tried any Kimchi recipe before because it takes time to make it according to recipe blogs out there. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I'll definitely make one for our Korean Night before I get my Food Safety Training.