Thursday, 19 November 2015

Very slow cooked OX Cheek

Vegetables and herbs

Ox cheek with vegetables for the stew

Slow cooked  OX cheek  with crushed new potato

These days you can find ox cheek meat at super market butcher section , very good news for me.
When cooked with vegetables, herbs and garlic , cook in the low oven for at least 3 hours meat will be deliciously tender but hold the shape,

Our family love this with smooth mash potato or just crushed new baby potato.

Just make sure as butcher cut in half, I found they are impossible to cut with domestic knife when they are raw, very tough. understandably ox cheek muscles are working so hard all day, chewing grass.

This is a perfect dish when windy ,cold Autumn and Winter days.

2 Ox cheek cut in half
2 M size onion,
3 celery sticks
4-5 Carrots , 6 chestnut mushrooms
5 garlic cloves
1 small 1 cm cube ginger
Herbs, thyme, 2 ay leaves, 1 bunch of parsley head, half small dry chilli. 2 star aniseeds
2 tbsp. tomato puree
1 tbsp. worcestershire sauce
1 glass of red wine
Beef or chicken stock

1. Cut onions 4pices each and other vegetables cut 5cm and put in the bottom of stew ( oven proof) and the crushed whole garlic ( no need to cut), ginger. all herbs put together as a bundle, star aniseeds. chilli

2. Finally ox cheek meat on the top, mix tomato puree in the stock mix well, Stock should e just enough cover the meat, no more, pore over and Worcester sauce, sea salt ( 2tsp) and cut grease proof baking sheet enough to cover the stew, wet with water grease proof sheet and put on to the stew. and lid on.

3. Put in the in the oven ( 120-130c) for at least 3 hours.

4.take out from the oven and taste and season again with salt and pepper, if still has a lots of stock in the stew , cook on the hop for a 5 minute ,reduce stock in the pot as you wish but not too dry, needs 2 ladles of stew juice to another pan add 1tsp tomato puree and 2tsp brown sugar or honey and slowly reduce on the low heat to glaze the meat.

3. Make smooth potato or boil new ay potato and crush with butter ( or EXV olive oil).

4, Serve in a shallow main dish, put vegetable and meat ( 1 piece per person enough for me but you can serve 2 piece ), drizzle glazing sauce that you made and sprinkle chopped parsley and serve with potato.

It is a good idea make red cabbage pickle and serve as a side dish.
This one is a perfect Autumn and Winter dish, homely yet rather a fine dinning dish.
I even eat with rice and kimchi!! 


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