Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pasta Carbonara

Wild mushroom and other ingredients 

Egg yolk

Pasta Carbonara,
Autumn is orange colour don't you think? Start with pumpkin, squash ( various), wild mushrooms so on.  When I saw this wild mushroom, I could not resist to buy, in my head I already had an idea what to do. Make pasta Carbonara ! Adding this golden, tasty looking mushroom in Cabonara is not authentic recipe but I love it.

Been a long time made Spaghetti Carbonara, So good with wild rocket and pomegranate seed salad , of course needs full bodied a good Italian red wine would be a perfect match .


200g wild mushroom
100g  chestnut mushroom
5-6     good smoked bacon or Italian pancetta
1  white onion, diced ( about 100g)
5-6 cloves of garlic ( crashed)
2      egg yolks
1      pack of  spaghetti ( 450g )
2 tbs  Extra virgin olive oil
l  lemon zest and 2 tsp lemon juice

Parmesan cheese


1. Cleaning the mushroom specially wild one needs a lots of attention, use pastry brush and kitchen tissue. take of any soil on the mushroom without washing is very important. use brush for the loose soil and if does not come off wipe with tissue but look for in between .
Slice chestnut mushroom as same thickness with wild. I do not cut wild mushroom as it is not too big. Leave aside.
2.  Diced onion and cut bacon 1 cm long.
3. Heat pan and fry bacon until crisp and set aside , wipe off bacon fat by putting bacons on the kitchen paper and se aside.
4. Heat olive oil and put diced onion first cook for 2 minutes , add all mushroom and garlic cook until they are cooked add crispy bacon pieces and season with salt and pepper.
5. Add lemon zest and lemon juice, stir and taste. add cooked pasta mix well, add more olive oil if necessary.
6. Heat off and add slowly pour egg yolks mixture and same time stir the pasta.
7. Add chopped parsley and serve with parmesan cheese and wild rocket and pomegranate seeds salad.

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