Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Korean Spicy noodle ( Bibim Guksu)

Spicy sauce ( choganjang)

Korean noodle and spicy sauce ingredients


Noodle in the mixing bowl with toppings

Spicy noodle
I love this Korean spicy cold noodle when the weather is hot, and lost appetite , it is very easy to make and very addictive.
It is perfect for the light lunch.
Using Korean thin noodle is the best to make smooth and light

Ingredient :

Korean thin noodle (1 pack).

Sauce :  1 tbs Korean chilli paste ( gochujang).  1tbs dark soy sauce.  1 tbs rice vinegar . 3ts sugar.
2ts sesame oil, 2ts Korean chilli flake ( gochugaru) 1 tbs toasted sesame. 1/2ts crushed garlic.


Lettuce (1), half of cucumber. spring onion ( 3). strong garlic sausage ( 5 slices, optional).  2tbs thinly chopped cabbage kimchi( optional), 


1. Put noodle into the boiling water and quick oil for 2 minutes and add a cup of cold water and boil another a minute. drain and rinse with cold water few times until excess flour has washed off and live in the colander.
2, Making sauce :  Put all the sauce ingredients and mix well, taste should be spicy, salty, sweet and sour , but you can make as your taste like less spicy or less sweet.
3. Cut all vegetables like 5 cm long like thin strip .
4. Put noodle in  a big bowl all toppings  and pour half of spicy sauce and mix well  and taste, add more sauce as you wish, serve in a deep bowl.


 It is a good idea to serve sauce separately in a small bowl and help themselves as their taste.

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