Sunday, 12 July 2015

Spicy Chicken Wing

Wings marinated in Buttermilk

Quick fried  Wings

Wings with Spicy Sauce

What can be nicer than sitting in the garden on Summer late afternoon drinking Gin & Tonic or cold beer and ice minty tea with spicy Korean style fried chicken wing.
We all love this kind of casual snack in the garden at week-end enjoying warm Summer evening.

I think Food is the greatest conversation maker , much more than drinks, it leads all sort of thinks not only food also memory of holiday and culture so on.

Making Korean spicy chicken wings and drinking cold ice tea or cold beer at the week end evening is one of my pleasure without much effort or expense.
Make sure buying a good meaty free range wings is very important.

1. 500g chicken wing
2. Butter milk
3. Oil for frying ( vegetable or rape seed oil)
4. Rice flour for dusting

Sauce :
1. Gochujang ( Korean chilli paste) 2 tbsp.
2. Rice vinegar 1tbsp
3. Crushed garlic 1 tsp
4. Honey 1tbsp
5. Dark soy 1tbsp, 1tsp sesame seed oil.

1. Cut chicken wings in half at the joint and add butter milk mix well and leave it the fridge overnight or at least 4 hours.
2. Take out from the fridge and wash , sprinkle sea salt with grated ginger( 1 tbsp.) and leave for 1 hour, mean time make sauce, all the sauce ingredients in the pan and cook on the medium heat until
sauce is sticky and a little runny consistence.
If you like more spicy add chilli powder. or honey , depending how spicy or sweet you like to be.
I advice  not to make  too sweet , should be spicy ,tangy and a bit sweet.
3. Put wings in the steam rack and cook until cooked, lightly dust with fine rice flour and fry and dry on the kitchen tissue.
4. Put fried wings in the serving dish and pour half of the sauce , sprinkle sesame seed  and serve with rest of sauce , of course plenty of paper napkin as well.

Spicy wings with fried Italian black cabbage
I made the other day this dish again but I have developed this dish to be better and different by adding fried Italian black cabbage leaves as a topping  which gives another texture .

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