Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Slow Roasting Beef

Seafood medley( starter)

Slow roasted prime rib of beef

Crunch cod ( snack)
I had a very good prime rib of beef 2 boned joint for our new year eve meal to celebrate 2015.
I was thinking how to cook, as usual 160c or low temperature for 2 hours , I pondered for a while decided to slow low temp. cooking method.
We all love medium rare, as I am cooking this small joint low temp. cooking is best.  Beef was just under 2 kg.
I heat up roasting tin very hot, put beef to brown all over and then
put my chopped fresh rosemary ( 3tsp) and grated ginger ( 2tsp) all over the skin

Set  oven 190c and put beef for 7minutes, and lower temperature 60c and covered with foil and left for 1 hour and put up oven for 80c  and roasted 40mintues.
finally took off foil, roasted 160c for 20min, and 190 for 5 min.
Rest joint for 25min.
It was just perfect medium rare.

Had  crunch roasted potatoes and beans with home made fresh horseradish source.
I reserved goose fat from our roast Goose on Christmas dinner, it was very satisfying using my
own goose fat!

Of course we all had with excellent Lebanese red wine ( it was eye opening moment to me) 

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